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Replay the "God King" in Infinity Blade (iPhone Game)

Get that extra try you need to beat the God King in Infinity Blade.
I’m not much of a gamer. I don’t have an XBox or a Playstation and I’m just terrible at your modern first person shooters. Once in a while though, that inherent desire to idly waste time has led me down the path of an angry bird or two. And, as luck would have it, I just happened to read a review of Infinity Blade for the iPhone.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about how Sony and Nintendo are scared to death of the iPhone and iTouch as gaming devices. That fear is absolutely warranted, I picked up the aforementioned Infinity Blade for $3.00 and it’s unbelievable. The depth, the graphics, the game play, all of it is absolutely unbelievable at that price. But that fact aside, let’s get to the point of this article: how to cheat at Infinity Blade.

Now, I’m sure that this has been covered by plenty of other sites, but no matter, I discovered this on my own and, as I said, I’m not much of a gamer, so I was pretty proud of myself. Hence, I’m posting it here…

If you’ve played Infinity Blade for any amount of time, you’ve encountered the “God King.” Unlike most of the other opponents in the game, if he defeats you, you don’t get another chance, you have to start a whole new bloodline. That is, unless you use this handy hint. Of course, you can always restart in the middle of a battle, but sometimes maybe you do that just a few seconds too late. Here’s how you get a second shot:

Once you’ve been beaten by the God King, but before the closing credits roll, simply exit to the home screen and quit the application (double click the “home” button to reveal the app switcher, hold down on the Infinity Blade application until it gyrates and the quit button appears, and click the quit button). When you re-launch the game, you’ll be back to the spot before you played the God King, thus giving you a second shot.

Like I said, it’s nothing groundbreaking—certainly no up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, select, start—but it’s helpful for that little extra edge in your quest to waste your time.
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